Investment Proposition

AEP-II aims to bolster the energy transition in key emerging markets, replicating the same proven methodology and discipline demonstrated for successful project selection for AEP-I.

Our unique blend of disciplined project selection, development, operating and financing skills applied according to the highest compliance standards is what sets us apart. The Alcazar Energy team has the skills, experience and track record to enter and add value to projects at any stage of the project development lifecycle.

Technology Focus

  • We focus on investments in solar PV and onshore wind
  • We invest in projects using innovative, proven and bankable renewable energy technologies
  • Our management team has a proven track record in best-in-class development and operations, partnering with leading global companies who manufacture, install and operate top tier equipment

Target Geographies

We invest in selected countries with a specific RE profile primarily within the following regions:

  • Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (“MENAT”)
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia (”EECA”)

Country profile requirements include:

  • RE cost below grid parity
  • High-energy demand and / or with a transition agenda
  • Bankable regulatory framework with significant RE targets
  • Robust pipeline of actionable investment opportunities

Project Entry Point

AEP-II targets a balanced portfolio at different stages of development:

  • Early-stage (pre-permitting)
  • Advanced stage (post-permitting)
  • Construction and Operation