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Why It Matters

    The rise in population and standards of living around the globe are causing a relevant increase in energy demand as well as intense competition for fossil fuels. This growing demand can only be met in the long-term through the diversification of energy generation sources. Renewable energy diversifies our energy supply mix with natural resources that have zero cost. This forms a hedge against price volatility from non-renewable fuels.
    The development of renewable energy plants is labor intensive. The construction of a mid-sized plant of 50MW for instance, would offer an average of 750 jobs during construction. As plants are typically constructed in rural and sub-urban areas, renewable energy deployment acts as an industrial and technological motor that stimulate the local communities.
    To reduce global warming, the world needs two fundamental developments: – major shift on our energy consumption habits and – a major shift in investments from fossil fuels to renewable energy. At Alcazar Energy we are working to promote the adoption of clean energy sources, one of the key ways to mitigate climate change and improve the environment and the health of our communities
    Dependence on external sources of energy has political and economic implications. The use of a region’s natural resources increases the security of energy supply by ensuring a constant (known and friendly) source of energy. As such, governments want to control own sources of energy so that their economies are less sensitive to geopolitical conditions, volatility of the global oil markets and the reality of a diminishing supply of fossil fuels.