• Market Opportunity

    We provide our shareholders with the prospect to capitalize on new opportunities created by the transition to a more sustainable global economy

In the right place…

Imminent growth in the META region:

  • Current energy shortage across the region drives a USD 151bn investment need in renewable energy generation by 2020
  • Governments have an urgency to reduce dependency on liquid fluids and have committed to ambitious renewable energy targets
  • Renewables are significantly less expensive than conventional power in most META economies
  • New legal frameworks recently approved and significant projects materialising in recent months confirm growth expectations
Sector attractiveness:

Social and economic impact is particularly relevant for the META region. Alcazar Energy’s investments will:

  • Have a strong environmental impact – the META region has one of the highest carbon footprints in the world
  • Help create energy independence and security of supply, thus having a positive influence on the geopolitical landscape
  • Our current pipeline will employ ca 8,000 people during the one to two year construction period of our plants, ca 330 people during the 20-30 year operating period, reduce CO2 emissions by ca 2.2 million tons per year and save ca 4.1 million cubic meters of water per year

…at the right time

Early entrant advantages:

  • As evidenced in Europe and the US, early entrants in the renewable energy market are able to generate superior returns relative to late comers
  • Governments generally take a more supportive approach to early entrants in order to incentivise further market participation
  • This trend is now materialising via multiple investment opportunities in countries such as Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia
  • Deal flow is supported by recent regulatory changes that promote renewable energy and provide strong platforms for investment
Addressing current market needs:

  • The renewable energy industry creates a mid-market investment landscape due to the smaller size of its projects
  • While the region has financial and natural resources, legal frameworks, availability of project finance…
  • …the current barrier for the sector to grow is the limited capabilities and experience of the players in the mid-market where the larger energy companies are not active